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pastels; jel's

in a puddle of memories

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle... Life's a maze and love is a riddle
akari; a song that's forgotten

I made it to Japan safely! The hotel I'll be staying at for the next two nights have wifi and I can use it until about 10pm JST when the lobby closes lol the only place we can get the connection.

It's been pretty cool so far, been loving all the nice hotels and inns. I was really excited today after hearing a lecture about the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Daigo-machi in Ibaraki-prefecture which was done in both Japanese AND English. They had the speaker do a paragraph or so in Japanese and then a translator say it in English immediately after. It was amazingly gripping that I got to listen to the beautiful fluent Japanese first and then hear how much I actually understood through the translator.

Anywho, email me your Skype's and addresses if you want to contact me and get postcards lol. (jelz@live.com)

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